Saturday, 27 October 2012

Just me,

Hello dear reader,
                            Who I want to be when I grow older? Well simple answer I want to be me , more percific I want to be frugal, creative and organised. Can I do this? Simply YES?

I recently stepped back from my life and took one deep inhale which came to the conclusion of OMG when looking at my life . The three main question which poped up where. Where does all my money go each month? Why didn't I finish that project? And why does my room feel so cluttered? The answer to all these questions is this , my blog and becoming just me frugal, creative and organised.

I know it sounds selfish to entitle my blog just me but we as a person are always being told to take time for our self. Make more time for something you want to do. When you are happy it rubs off onto others. So I'm gonna do just that befor writting or even creating this I have made a few small changes as a start. I've become an online banker to make respecting my pennies easier . I have bought a garden trolly ( I will justify this purchase in a later date) , and have made some small steps into redesigning and decluttering my room .  ( the garden trolly comes into play for this) .

I have found new blogs to follow which are helpful and frugal and am hopeing on my journey I will become a happy more peaceful person . Have you any ideas on how to help me ? Leave a comment of drop me a line I'd love to meet others who want to come hope skip and jump with me , threw the rough and tough we call life.
Vikki vixen xxx

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