Sunday, 28 October 2012

Money pennies respect

Hello dear reader,
                            Befor I started my journey and even befor I started looking into saving my pennies and the tips , tricks and pots to put my pennies in , I was doing something's all along. Allow me to explain.

           A couple of days ago I came across a post on the diary of a frugal family (great reads if you havnt been over there I'm working on my blog list which should be up soon in the right hand bar) they posted three ways to save pennies ,

1,Save all the pennies you get
2, operate a separate online saving account which you can easily transfer money too.
3,If you manage to spend less on you weekly shopping budget or manage to get a bargain on something you where going to buy anyway.Transfer the amount you saved to your saving account.

So after reading this I noticed I did number one any way , I have a large coca cola bottle I keep all my loose change in I mean I put ever y coin possible in this bad boy (well except my pound coins they go in a separate place). At the end of the week I put everything in here and just leave it . Over on frugal family she explains that they take the money to their local supermarket and get a machine to count the pennies . These machine's take 8p for every pound it counts . I however think to myself that's my 8p so I count it by hand and take it to my bank putting it in my account.

Number two I befor that post didn't bank online but did have a separate savings account to my normal everyday account. With this tip she recommends every time you check your bank balance online you transfer the odd pence over to your savings account for example it you balance reads £254.76, you would transfer the 76 p over to your savings . In theory the pennies add up and make more pounds and it does  . I also go one step further and would transfer the £4 but I don't have bills a house or car to run so this is possible for me personally.

Number three , this is a weird one as it kinda doesn't apply to me because I don't do the weekly shop however I did notice I do make savings on things I buy so I could transfer that money,this is one to think about I think.

But all in all I am quite a good saver , I think ? Lol
Vikki vixen x

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