Wednesday, 16 January 2013

frames diy

hello dear reader,
                          okay so we all like pictures on the wall and frames to put them in but finding the right from for the space , the right sizes for the pictures and then the right colours and style of frames well the list goes on. i was walking around a local store and came across these end of line frames . got them for a steal because a they where end of line items and b i bought five at once . however i didnt want black not a problem tho diy here i go.
 these frames altho this is a bad picture did come with a nice sort of effect to them . very cleaver and below my savyour. test pots of moolight white paint £1 each from wilkos. so i just painted the frams straight no no halssel yes it took two coats but not a problem.
 now i didnt actualy have any pictures for these frams at this moment in time so rather then waste money to just fill them and get the prints i want . i went threw my scrapbook papers found some scraps and put them in for now . this is a kaisercraft line i bought over at (fab shop) and well to this day i still have no pics for them bu i kinda like how they look now.
have you any frame works to share ?

Monday, 14 January 2013

roling on

hello dear reader ,
                         when layed in my bed to the left of it is these expidia block storage from ikea , loved them simple to put together great storage and not over the top in price. these them self are actually well organized there wasnt much to do here . my main problem is the boxes you can buy to fit in these (down the bottom of the picture )
 here is the top of my blocks to the left you can see my larger volt candles i will come back to them on another post . but again as you can see not much to do here again they really just need a dust.
 its these that are my trouble my dump boxes . because well thats all they are you just throw stuff in . i think its because there isnt anything in them to sort the stuff going in well time for a change so from this to ,(sorry for the bed pic)
this box is actually my treat box that i keep with healthier choices of food that i buy so i keep here so no one els eats them lol . i went threw my boxes one by one and sorted them . i didnt want to bore you with all the other 7 boxes but if any one has any ideas for how to keep these "dump " boxes sorted out oncen for all.
vikkivixen xxx

Saturday, 12 January 2013

organize away

hello dear reader ,
                           right i did say this year i want to become more organize and well ive started and i noticed the diffrence. today ive been looking at the shelves i have above my bed . and well here they are,

now i know this befor picture isnt exsactly a tip to the eyes its not to bad but when i looked at this after i took it i thought well its got things dumbed along my head board and the next shelf up on the left of this picture is just thrown together . as for those two table runners well they arn't fooling no one there are pens behind them . top two shelves arn't to bad (just need cleaning ;) )so i went out looked for something to help my dumping problem and this is what ive done,
here in the uk we have a store called home bargins and with in this little odds and sodds shop i found two wire racks which would fit perfectly on the shelf which as you can see i placed under my pens to hold the books my other half bought for me and alittle lower to the right i can keep my diary ipad and sketch pad to hand neatly. i took the table runners down as im not ashamed of the fact i like to draw and  they dont look so bad.
 these where a great find from a caterlog my anty sent down to us. which is candle light and well these three come as the set you see . they hold tea lights in the top and well you can fill the bottom with what ever you wish ( i have a larger set of these and will share later what i did with those) for these i put in pins for my notice board spear stamples as these where a steal at 49p for 4000 coloured stamples (had to get spares) and elastic bands  i use these for keeping my cables tied together (more later)
 this is just a close up of some hair clips which i made and had no where to store them with out damaging them so i kept them here going up my spear holes on my shlving system next to the vynel butterflys on my wall .
this is just a close up of the shelves i bought from home bargins for £1.99 each bargin and so useful . this took me a grand total of 20 mins to do and that includes cleaning . cleaver.

have you dne a small project this week ? id love to hear from you 
vikki vixen xx

Friday, 11 January 2013

confession time

hello dear reader ,
                           i can see this being one of many "confessions posts" but hey ho lets start with this one . well read i am not . in fact i am jealous of my younger sister who can read better then i can . since we are in the confession mode i thought id throw that in there .

so in a bid to change this when it came around to christmas and that age old question "what could you like for christmas?" i gave my other half a small list of things he could pick from so i still had some element of surprise for christmas. with in this list there was a few books to kick start my year with some books id like to read and start a reading habit i hope to take into my life and beyond.   from this list he picked house of leaves by mark z danielewski and the classics of jane Austin 's pride and prejudice and charlotte Bronte jane eyre( loved the films want to try the books). but until i get into those i feel I'm missing out on a world of books and not being well read it takes me ages to read a book so in a mission to not miss out on a good read i turned to audio books and well today id like to review this audio book ,
 i loved this book from start to end. the love twist the death and how families come in many forms . how people can have a child and not want them because they don't fit in with there life planes . i don't want to give things away but personally i liked this book for its innocent start of two people meeting threw words to making ideas or images of that person threw there words and what they know of each other . to the love and denial of emotions . to the typical happy ever after ending .

and for my happy ever after hears a awwwww picture to coo over of our 15 month husky blade in bed to sleep lol
any book ideas for a newbie? leave me a comment id love to hear from you
vikki vixen

Monday, 7 January 2013


hello dear reader,
                        hope your all well , since i havent quite got my organizing posts sorted yet (ironic huh) i thought id share a couple of quilts i made at christmas time and well love them infact i love my rag quilt so much im already half way threw maying another only bigger ,

so this is my first quilt and its a rag quilt very forgiving for a novice like me . hides all the sins of not having your lines joined and added bounes the more you wash this bad boy the better it gets win win. i used a cotton layer cake for the top and polar fleece for the under side . as im on a purge for using up my stash this was a great one ,
 okay this next one is alittle personal for me. i love rainbows and no matter how low i get i cannt see these colours together and not smile so i needed a rainbow quilt. this in mind i bought a jelly roll ages ago and never got around to making it until befor xmas and well look what i got .
jealous? hehe  i got me a rainbow quilt. took me nearly a year to make it but i made it . this one is backed on black polar fleece and is so warm and bright love it ,

what makes you smile when your down ?
vikki vixen

Sunday, 6 January 2013

so excited,

hello every one ,
                          im so excited after today , things are looking up after my purge to organize and omg have i jumped in deep. it all started innocently enough i was sat with alittle time on my hands and typed "organize" into ebay . to my amazment it came up with something over 20,000 results and what a list to look threw . with all the ideas running threw my mind i thought id go blog hope and found some fantastic sites which are all added to my list of blogs to the right of this post.

from this i then ordered a few bits from ebay and well then went one further and took a trip to ikea today and have found some stunning things . from this im going to take my room little at a time and clean rotate and sort everything . ill keep you posted on my little progressions as i go . but this post wasnt about all that i just wanted to start there .

when i was blog hopeing i came across diaries and this got me thinking to my ipad calander which i used for a diary last year . i wasnt so impressed with this , maybe its because i dont know how to work it properly or maybe i just couldnt get into the electrical side of things . either or keeping track of things on my ipad didnt work for me so this year im going old school and im putting pen to paper. so i bought this ,

may i introduce you to a moleskine red large weekly notebook 12 month hard back planner. ok truth is i bought a pocket one and have now gone out to buy the larger one as i found the pocket on to small to write in but how i am amzed at this thing . since i bought the pocket on i put in place all my money in and out days doctors apoint ments and hair appointments gym sessions and such . since doing this i have already noticed where i could save myself nearly £120 a year by cancelling a couple of things i pay for but dont really need . so organizing seems to be working for me already .

have you a favourite planner or organizer ? or maybe you like an electronic version?
vikki  vixen xxx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

new year new me ?

hello dear reader,

New year new me well no i think its best to say new year improved me , now if you ask this guy below (my better half of seven years and our little man blade) he will tell you i have a fetish for storage , in response to this well i do hands up i confess .
after writting my post yesterday with alittle free time on my hands i went onto ebay and typed in organize ( i like typing words into ebay and seeing the results like people do with there name and google) from this i went on to sit there for three hours looking threw the results and there was some really nice surprises and in time as they turn up ill show you what i got and how ill use such things i just wanted to share im an so in love with my organising . who knows i may be able to share some tips and help others .

thinking on while typing this i guess recently i have found my main passions in life . these are ,
  1. organising
  2. money / saving
  3. quilt making
  4. scrapbooking
  5. interior design 
maybe not in this order but i do love reading , blogging and reasurching into these topics so i guess these will be featured with in my blog and my day to day life . 

i do intened to return to my blog with reading lists (things i hope to read this year) , oranising and my purchases from ebay my room scrapbooking oooo im excited .see you soon .
vikki vixen