Wednesday, 31 October 2012

my to do list

hello dear reader,
                              okay so yesterday i got thinking how tomorrow never comes , an it doesn't i always have things in my head and never get around to them . Why ? simple because i don't plan .

So with this in mind as of this friday (payday) and my all next week off i want to get so much done and with writing this down here i am in hope that it will happen, and check in here in my blog with my success or failure.

so my list of things to do ,
  1. friday is payday an so will be my banking day and the day i take my list of shopping to town to set myself up for the month,
  2. count out my £1 bank and coke cola jar add this to my savings account 
  3. sunday is my first day off so i would like to introduce you to my truck and get her finished painted red and built with my dad 
  4.  monday other then going to the gym , i want to sort sorting threw all the things in my room and placing them in my truck to sell.
  5. tuesday to go sell my things and see the outcome of the income and to take my younger sis along with my bf to the pictures 
  6. wednesday is to be spent at my bf with him and blade doing what we wish ,
  7. thursday other then the gym i wish to sort out my room start my redecorating and move on 
  8. i want to list all the me to you bears on ebay and get them sold  once done i plan to go back to my bf spend a little more time with him 
  9. saturday again the gym , then maybe a trip to town and a walk around with my sis to spend time with here 
  10. sunday chill day or do anything i haven't achieved on my list of things to do during the list before returning to work that night 
there this is set in stone, unachievable no i don't think so . amongst this im going back to eating better drinking more water and well being a better me i've done it befor i can do it again.
vikki vixen xxx 

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