Thursday, 1 November 2012


hello dear reader,
                          i was reading an article on my ipad in the new mag gathered wrote by the smart people who also publish mollie makes. this was an article with Kim Lawler who designs who own books and blogs her life,

when asked how she maintains her blog her response is "i don't think of my blog as something to maintain. I think of it as something that pushes my personal creativity and enables me to express myself in ways i never imagined. Most of the time the only thing i ever know to say is 'blog about what you love!'"

With this in mind i have noticed one of two things , one i have mainly blogged about money which is a love of mine but it is not only me and two i need to take a camera with me and capture my world to share with you. As i entitled this blog just me i want to invite you into just my world on my journey and what I'm doing as well as my actions to a more frugal life.
vikki vixen xx

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