Thursday, 15 November 2012

catch up

dear reader,
                 so i had a holiday last week . from work time off and i didnt spend my time on the net either no blog hoping no endless hours on the net . i spent my time sorting out clearing up and de cluttering my room and alittle of my life. sure i left a post of lists of things i wanted to do over the week . truth, yes i did get threw them all of them thing is i did it mostliy on the sunday and sold most of my things on the monday . sadly i spent the cash on day trips and such so didnt save a penny lol. am i disapointed ?

no , every penny was well spent and i now walk into my room (still living at home so my room is my space) and feel relieaf and stress free  well kinda.

i mean i say kinda because now ive done that list ive got a new list and i think threw it over and over. altho i have started such today . for exsample when i sorted threw my cloths and got ride of alot of them ( they went to a lady down the road who works for a charity shop) i noticed there was five dresses ive wore once. two are even prom dresses  and thought to myself i will ebay them myself make alittle money for me i mean it is party seasion and every one is looking for a bargin at the min arent they so ive posted those today.

so all in all im on a high going into christmas and ive started to push threw ready for the new year when we shall make the news years resolution and try to get into it with a push.
well until the next update and i will be back

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