Tuesday, 1 January 2013

happy new year

hello dear reader,
                           i think it goes with out saying but happy new year to you all and your families and i hope this year brings you all a better then last,

each year thousands of people make new years resolutions and by 9th january studies show most have broken them. so we as a family dont make new years resolutions but we pick a word , then use this word threw out the year to make our selves better . last year i picked healthier and with in this i became just that i joined the gym half way threw the year and ate better  thus feel beter in myself .

this year i have picked progress , this can be put to many aspects of my life so its easy to keep . i can make better progress in my health work or craft. so heres to a new year and well what it brings .
vikki vixen
p.s maybe progress could be put to my blog too visit more and leave more posts . i do have some crafts to share with you all that i did over christmas.

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