Wednesday, 16 January 2013

frames diy

hello dear reader,
                          okay so we all like pictures on the wall and frames to put them in but finding the right from for the space , the right sizes for the pictures and then the right colours and style of frames well the list goes on. i was walking around a local store and came across these end of line frames . got them for a steal because a they where end of line items and b i bought five at once . however i didnt want black not a problem tho diy here i go.
 these frames altho this is a bad picture did come with a nice sort of effect to them . very cleaver and below my savyour. test pots of moolight white paint £1 each from wilkos. so i just painted the frams straight no no halssel yes it took two coats but not a problem.
 now i didnt actualy have any pictures for these frams at this moment in time so rather then waste money to just fill them and get the prints i want . i went threw my scrapbook papers found some scraps and put them in for now . this is a kaisercraft line i bought over at (fab shop) and well to this day i still have no pics for them bu i kinda like how they look now.
have you any frame works to share ?

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