Monday, 14 January 2013

roling on

hello dear reader ,
                         when layed in my bed to the left of it is these expidia block storage from ikea , loved them simple to put together great storage and not over the top in price. these them self are actually well organized there wasnt much to do here . my main problem is the boxes you can buy to fit in these (down the bottom of the picture )
 here is the top of my blocks to the left you can see my larger volt candles i will come back to them on another post . but again as you can see not much to do here again they really just need a dust.
 its these that are my trouble my dump boxes . because well thats all they are you just throw stuff in . i think its because there isnt anything in them to sort the stuff going in well time for a change so from this to ,(sorry for the bed pic)
this box is actually my treat box that i keep with healthier choices of food that i buy so i keep here so no one els eats them lol . i went threw my boxes one by one and sorted them . i didnt want to bore you with all the other 7 boxes but if any one has any ideas for how to keep these "dump " boxes sorted out oncen for all.
vikkivixen xxx

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