Friday, 11 January 2013

confession time

hello dear reader ,
                           i can see this being one of many "confessions posts" but hey ho lets start with this one . well read i am not . in fact i am jealous of my younger sister who can read better then i can . since we are in the confession mode i thought id throw that in there .

so in a bid to change this when it came around to christmas and that age old question "what could you like for christmas?" i gave my other half a small list of things he could pick from so i still had some element of surprise for christmas. with in this list there was a few books to kick start my year with some books id like to read and start a reading habit i hope to take into my life and beyond.   from this list he picked house of leaves by mark z danielewski and the classics of jane Austin 's pride and prejudice and charlotte Bronte jane eyre( loved the films want to try the books). but until i get into those i feel I'm missing out on a world of books and not being well read it takes me ages to read a book so in a mission to not miss out on a good read i turned to audio books and well today id like to review this audio book ,
 i loved this book from start to end. the love twist the death and how families come in many forms . how people can have a child and not want them because they don't fit in with there life planes . i don't want to give things away but personally i liked this book for its innocent start of two people meeting threw words to making ideas or images of that person threw there words and what they know of each other . to the love and denial of emotions . to the typical happy ever after ending .

and for my happy ever after hears a awwwww picture to coo over of our 15 month husky blade in bed to sleep lol
any book ideas for a newbie? leave me a comment id love to hear from you
vikki vixen

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