Saturday, 12 January 2013

organize away

hello dear reader ,
                           right i did say this year i want to become more organize and well ive started and i noticed the diffrence. today ive been looking at the shelves i have above my bed . and well here they are,

now i know this befor picture isnt exsactly a tip to the eyes its not to bad but when i looked at this after i took it i thought well its got things dumbed along my head board and the next shelf up on the left of this picture is just thrown together . as for those two table runners well they arn't fooling no one there are pens behind them . top two shelves arn't to bad (just need cleaning ;) )so i went out looked for something to help my dumping problem and this is what ive done,
here in the uk we have a store called home bargins and with in this little odds and sodds shop i found two wire racks which would fit perfectly on the shelf which as you can see i placed under my pens to hold the books my other half bought for me and alittle lower to the right i can keep my diary ipad and sketch pad to hand neatly. i took the table runners down as im not ashamed of the fact i like to draw and  they dont look so bad.
 these where a great find from a caterlog my anty sent down to us. which is candle light and well these three come as the set you see . they hold tea lights in the top and well you can fill the bottom with what ever you wish ( i have a larger set of these and will share later what i did with those) for these i put in pins for my notice board spear stamples as these where a steal at 49p for 4000 coloured stamples (had to get spares) and elastic bands  i use these for keeping my cables tied together (more later)
 this is just a close up of some hair clips which i made and had no where to store them with out damaging them so i kept them here going up my spear holes on my shlving system next to the vynel butterflys on my wall .
this is just a close up of the shelves i bought from home bargins for £1.99 each bargin and so useful . this took me a grand total of 20 mins to do and that includes cleaning . cleaver.

have you dne a small project this week ? id love to hear from you 
vikki vixen xx

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