Monday, 7 January 2013


hello dear reader,
                        hope your all well , since i havent quite got my organizing posts sorted yet (ironic huh) i thought id share a couple of quilts i made at christmas time and well love them infact i love my rag quilt so much im already half way threw maying another only bigger ,

so this is my first quilt and its a rag quilt very forgiving for a novice like me . hides all the sins of not having your lines joined and added bounes the more you wash this bad boy the better it gets win win. i used a cotton layer cake for the top and polar fleece for the under side . as im on a purge for using up my stash this was a great one ,
 okay this next one is alittle personal for me. i love rainbows and no matter how low i get i cannt see these colours together and not smile so i needed a rainbow quilt. this in mind i bought a jelly roll ages ago and never got around to making it until befor xmas and well look what i got .
jealous? hehe  i got me a rainbow quilt. took me nearly a year to make it but i made it . this one is backed on black polar fleece and is so warm and bright love it ,

what makes you smile when your down ?
vikki vixen

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