Wednesday, 2 January 2013

new year new me ?

hello dear reader,

New year new me well no i think its best to say new year improved me , now if you ask this guy below (my better half of seven years and our little man blade) he will tell you i have a fetish for storage , in response to this well i do hands up i confess .
after writting my post yesterday with alittle free time on my hands i went onto ebay and typed in organize ( i like typing words into ebay and seeing the results like people do with there name and google) from this i went on to sit there for three hours looking threw the results and there was some really nice surprises and in time as they turn up ill show you what i got and how ill use such things i just wanted to share im an so in love with my organising . who knows i may be able to share some tips and help others .

thinking on while typing this i guess recently i have found my main passions in life . these are ,
  1. organising
  2. money / saving
  3. quilt making
  4. scrapbooking
  5. interior design 
maybe not in this order but i do love reading , blogging and reasurching into these topics so i guess these will be featured with in my blog and my day to day life . 

i do intened to return to my blog with reading lists (things i hope to read this year) , oranising and my purchases from ebay my room scrapbooking oooo im excited .see you soon .
vikki vixen

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