Sunday, 6 January 2013

so excited,

hello every one ,
                          im so excited after today , things are looking up after my purge to organize and omg have i jumped in deep. it all started innocently enough i was sat with alittle time on my hands and typed "organize" into ebay . to my amazment it came up with something over 20,000 results and what a list to look threw . with all the ideas running threw my mind i thought id go blog hope and found some fantastic sites which are all added to my list of blogs to the right of this post.

from this i then ordered a few bits from ebay and well then went one further and took a trip to ikea today and have found some stunning things . from this im going to take my room little at a time and clean rotate and sort everything . ill keep you posted on my little progressions as i go . but this post wasnt about all that i just wanted to start there .

when i was blog hopeing i came across diaries and this got me thinking to my ipad calander which i used for a diary last year . i wasnt so impressed with this , maybe its because i dont know how to work it properly or maybe i just couldnt get into the electrical side of things . either or keeping track of things on my ipad didnt work for me so this year im going old school and im putting pen to paper. so i bought this ,

may i introduce you to a moleskine red large weekly notebook 12 month hard back planner. ok truth is i bought a pocket one and have now gone out to buy the larger one as i found the pocket on to small to write in but how i am amzed at this thing . since i bought the pocket on i put in place all my money in and out days doctors apoint ments and hair appointments gym sessions and such . since doing this i have already noticed where i could save myself nearly £120 a year by cancelling a couple of things i pay for but dont really need . so organizing seems to be working for me already .

have you a favourite planner or organizer ? or maybe you like an electronic version?
vikki  vixen xxx

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